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The Team

Finding and carrying only the highest quality foods, supplements, shampoos, toys, beds, and treats is the mission for All Natural Pet Supply and we take it seriously.  You can be confident in knowing that if we wouldn't take it home to our own pets, you won't find it in the store!

Tom & Liz Fralia Owners



Katia with Olivia, Romeo, Kilo, Pua, & Zoey Merchandising Manager

Olivia, Romeo, Kilo, Pua, and Zoey make up my troop! They are all bonded which makes for a very happy home! I have loved animals all my life and drawn to companion animal care and wildlife conservation. I have my Bachelor degree in Zoology from Washington State University. I began my veterinary technician experience in Pullman, Washington but have worked at 3 different clinics since then, including the Humane Society for Southwest Washington. I also completed an internship with the Jane Goodall Institute. Since animal care comes naturally I enjoy helping customers find items for their pets, which brought me to All Natural Pet Supply!


​Elyse with Merle, Lucy, & Rocky Operations Manager

Merle, Blue heeler. Lucy, heeler/kelpie mix. Rocky, chihuahua. All 3 dogs are rescues, funny enough, Rocky is the alpha and he knows it! Merle and Lucy would play fetch all day even if their legs fell off. I chose to be involved in the holistic pet food industry after going to school and studying health and nutrition. Having dogs of my own, I realized how important it is to take care of our fur friends as well as ourselves. I love knowing I have helped someone improve the life of their fur baby ❤️

Ronnie with Ezio, & Miss Marvel Feline Specialist & Sales Associate

​Ezio, named after the video game Assassin's Creed, is a four year old bengal with skin and coat problems and tummy issues. Health Extensions has been fantastic for him. Miss Marvel is a two year old main coon mix; these guys are best buddies and partners in crime.


Hannah with Max Sales Associate Extraordinaire

Max is a purebred German shepherd. He has one floppy ear and is terrified of chihuahuas. He has lots of allergies too. I've learned a lot about canine nutrition, and thought I'd be able to help other dogs like Max if I worked in the industry.




Julia O. with Mika Assistant Manager

Mika is a 12-year-old Australian Cattle Dog. She clocked a speed of 25/mph on a greyhound speed test when she was younger.  She enjoys food, puzzles, and grooming her stuffed toys. I have been around animals my whole life, so it was natural to delve into the local/holistic pet food industry.
I find the bond between companion animals and humans very important to leading a happy and healthy life.  

Kat with Boo & Mojo Director of Communications

Boo and Mojo are both cairn terriers. Boo was a pet-store puppy and Mojo was a rescue. Even though they are the same breed, their needs could not be more different. Boo is a very healthy 5 year old aside from a bum knee, but that doesn't stop him from running buck wild everywhere he goes. Mojo was rescued and estimated between 3 to 6 years old. He came with only half a coat, mystery allergies, and a huge heart. I got into natural and holistic healthcare for my babies because I want to make my time with them last as long as possible. Being an animal lover and a knowledge enthusiast, I put myself to work studying everything I can find on 'dog problems', be it behavioral or health related. In doing that, I've learned so much, I feel compelled to share my discoveries with anyone that is willing to listen.
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